AgrupaEjido has a long-term strategy: to supply to all American markets, and so in 2002,Almerimex was formed. Almerimex is an investee company fromAgrupaEjido and five shareholders from a big chain of Mexican hypermarkets, Soriana. The company already has a production rate of 5000 Tm per year in 50 hectares of hydroponic crop greenhouses, situated in the state of Coahuila next to the United States border.


Currently, the strategy is focussed on increasing the markets for farmers, focalising its efforts in the European, North American and Brazilian markets.


ALMERIMEX was born as a joint venture between Spanish and Mexican investors. The society was founded in August 2002, the year in which the construction of its installations began in the geographical area of La Laguna, in the municipal of Viesca, Coahuila; situated in the suburbs of Torreón, centre north of Mexico.


Alongside the capital resources, the companies that make up this society have contributed their vast experience in the production and commercialisation of agricultural products, something which guarantees excellent quality and service.

Today ALMERIMEX owns 90 hectares of greenhouses, 35 hectares of meshed shade, and the latest seedbed for the production of the necessary seedlings to obtain the best fruit and vegetable produce, as well as a big packaging warehouse and mechanised control systems that guarantee the high quality of our products.

ALMERIMEX currently produces 20.000 tonnes of Beefsteak tomatoes per year in its two harvest cycles and 4.500 tonnes of Roma tomatoes.

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