Agricultural adviser supports AgrupaEjido’s future plans

“The moment has come to rely on technology and to outline new challenges in order to face the fierce competition from third world ries such as Morocco and Egypt”. It is this clear for the Chairman of AgrupaEjido, Cecilio Guillén, who released this message to coincide with the visit made by the Agricultural advisor of the Andalucian Committeeto the company’s installations in La Mojonera. Guillén feels that now more than ever, the ryside has to fight against the crisis, ing on the I+D+I and by opening new markets.
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AgrupaEjido has spent years successfully working in Mexico and is now betting on having the same success in ries such as Italy and Brazil. Furthermore, the group has recently closed a deal with ASSYCE Group to incorporate renewable energies tocrops that are grown under plastic in Almeria. The objectives are clear; to increase farmers’ profits and to take the necessary leap to push this sector into a powerful industry which continues to support the local, regional and national economies. The two firms have designed revolutionary eco-sustainable photovoltaic greenhouses. The first of them could be up and running by next month as a pilot scheme. The greenhouses are made up of a system of thin layers of high performance, low cost solar photovoltaic panels, characterised by their transparency.

This type of greenhouse will bring great advantages for AgrupaEjido’s farmers. Firstly, they will allow for an increase in production. Furthermore they will help produce healthier and more environmentally friendly products and protect against frost, cold and other meteorological conditions, making the most out of photovoltaic energy. The Greenhouse Modernisation Plan, which was d by the Ministry of Agriculture and the communities of Andalucia, Canaries, Valencia and Murcia, has been brought forward by AE. The adviser for the Andalucian committee, Clara Aguilera, has had the chance to find out about the project in person and has n great support for the initiative. Aguilera recognised that the work done by AgrupaEjido is already in perfect tune with the work that is being carried out by the management.

During the visit, AgrupaEjido’s Chairman conducted the tour for the representative from the autonomous government. Cecilio Guillén, accompanied by his management staff, led Clara Aguilera
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