Tunisian delegation visit

A delegation of Tunisian professionals and administrators have n their interest in Almerian agriculture and expressed a more concrete interest in Agrupaejido. The group, which was greeted by AgustínPeñín, Agrupaejido’s Commercial and Operations Manager, d the President and General Director of A.P.I.A Mr. ChokryAyachi; the President and General Director of the National Office of State Territories (National Patrimony), Mr. Abdelhakim; the Economic Advisor from the Tunisian Embassy in Madrid, Mr. DhíaKhaled; Mr. Salem Belakeria, member of the Directive Board of the Association of Hispanic / Tunisian Relations and Mr. José FélixGonzález Noriega, Secretary of the Association.
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The incorrectly named “Almerian miracle” isn’t exactly based on any miracle, more so the achievements obtained by Almerian horticulture have been possible thanks to both the effort n by its workers and its ability to adapt to new technologies and new farming systems, whilst adapting to environmental demands. These factors are acting as a reference for many ries that now see Almeria as a good example to follow.

AgrupaEjido, as a leading company in Almerian and general Spanish horticulture, is often subject to analysis by delegates from different origins. They take good note of the organisation as well asthe farmers’ services systems that are in place. They also consider the efforts that are made to obtain a healthier and more ecological agriculture that will improve the economic results of land workers. Finally they deliberate the work that is carried out in order to elevate the level of organisation, profitability and sustainability of the production of very early vege.
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