Our Centres

We have seven centres. In four of them, goods are checked in for selling. The other threeare concerned with the commercialisation of our products and the added value services that are provided, distributed by the principle areas of Almerian production.

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Mojonera - Pandal

Built in 1997, the centre is situated in Mojonera and dedicated to the standardisation and preparation of products for their exportation to all European ries. It also is a supplier to all types of clients and National market chains. It has a work area of around 12.000 m2 and the Head Office is located here. It also has an onsite packaging warehouse that is around 6.000 m2.

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La Redonda

La Redonda, AgrupaEjido’s oldest centre, founded in 1979, is situated in the industrial area of La Redonda along with Santa Maria del Aguila in the Municipal district of El Ejido at junction 424 of the Mediterranean motorway. It is dedicated to the sale of vege. It represents the areas;El Ejido, Santa Maria del Aguila, Las Norias, Balerma, San Agustin, Vicar, etc. It has a working area of 6.00 m2 for sales and 3.500 m2 for packing.

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This is a harvest centre for all produce from la Curvadel Rio, Municipal district of Adra. The 10.000.000 kilos it receives are sold not only in La Redonda and Cehorpa but also in the commercial centre Mojonera-Pandal.

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A warehouse owned by AgrupaEjido with a working area of 2.800 m2 situated in Campohermoso, the Municipal district of Nijar. Dedicated to the sale of fruit and vege. Its main products are courgettes, tomatoes and, in spring, watermelon. The total amount of goods sold is around 20.000.000 kg per year.

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Centro de Cortijos de Marín

Two centres that are made up of an area of around 2.000 m2. They are both dedicated to the sale of vege selling a total amount of 25.000.000 kg per year. They represent the areas Roquetas de Mar, Cortijos de Marín andMojonera. It has an 800 m2 packing warehouse. They are situated in the Cortijos de Marin district, 2 km fromRoquetas de Mar.

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El Viso

Auction Center for fruits and vege. Products: Pepper, Courgette, Cucumber, Aubergine, Tomato, Beans, Melon and Watermelon. Its area of influence is in north Mojonera, Vicar and Santa María del Águila, mainly. The warehouse has 5.000 square meters for the exhibition and reception of the merchandise. It is equipped with its own processing area for the handling and packaging of the products according to customer needs. The auction takes place from Monday to Saturday from 14:30 hours. Its location is exceptional, next to the motorway A-7 Meditarráneo, central coast of Almeria, the main producing area of Europe.

Ctra. De Las Norias, 5 y 7 .- Pol. El Olivo 04745 La Mojonera - Almería TEL.: 950 33 99 00 - FAX: 950 33 99 51