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About us

Our mission is to generate wealth in the Almerian countryside through commercialisation and to shed light on one of the world’s leading areas for fruit and vegetable production.

We promote quality production through the power of Certification, the use of ecological systems in farming and eco-efficient and sustainable agriculture.

This has made us the Almerian leader in the selling of fruit and vegetable produce, with annual sales of more than 160 million kilos.


Statement from AgrupaEjido’s Chairman,

Throughout the 70’s, various visionaries set the base for the “Almerian miracle”. Years later I was lucky enough to participate in its growth and help it become AgrupaEjido, not only the first fruit and vegetable (horticultural) company in Andalucia, but one of the most important in Spain.

Nowadays, I see a new generation of farmers who are committed to quality through efficient production,all the while maintaining respect for the product and being pioneers in the use of bee pollination or the certification of farms.

AgrupaEjido’s philosophy has always united us with the countryside and its farmers. I am proud of the fact that we support and lead the future transformation of the Almerian countryside through the application of eco-efficient farming techniques such as photovoltaic energy, cogeneration, the benefits of CO2, the use of ecological fertilizers such as microalgae and the mechanization of agricultural labour.

Management Organisation Chart Our strategy The Code of Conduct

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