AgrupaEjido leads innovation in intensive farming, developing Research and Development projects.


It was one of the first companies to support healthier farming through the use of bees for natural pollination, systems that allow a bigger production of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, courgettes or melons as well as providing more aesthetically pleasing fruit and vegetables with better organoleptic characteristics, avoiding the use of fitohormones.

AgrupaEjido, together with Cajamar, was the first promoter of Savia Biotech, a farming Research and Development company that offers a specialised service in genetic and molecular diagnosis analysis. It also researches physiological and methodological processes that lead to new findings in the field of plant genes, as well as researching innovation and development of methodologies that increase reliability in the selection of gene types for an improvement in quality and horticultural production. This type of analysis is becoming clearer and more fundamental in order to tackle the study of illnesses and food quality.

AgrupaEjido is a pioneer in other projects such as the development of eco-sustainable greenhouses. These greenhouses aim to increase the profitability of crops by more than 30%. They use CO2 that is generated in the greenhouses for the growth of plants, making the most of solar energy and reselling the remaining energy.

These greenhouses are optimised in the consumption of water and electricity, allowing for temperature controls that avoid possible product freezing or exposure to extreme temperatures that destroy the quality of the fruit and vegetables.

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